Population Research Institute announces book

UNIVERSITY PARK, Pa. -- Penn State’s Population Research Institute announced that Emerging Methods in Family Research, edited by Susan M. McHale, Paul Amato and Alan Booth, was published by Springer in 2013.

The 20th book in the Family Symposium series is based on presentations at Penn State’s annual Symposium on Family Issues held in 2012. Across a range of disciplines, research and theory target families as the basic unit for studying human relationships, patterns of behavior, and influence on individuals and society. The significance of families for the health of individuals and communities demands scholars’ best efforts to illuminate how family roles, relationships and dynamics operate, and how they influence family members. As family structures evolve and challenge previous societal norms, new means are required for understanding their dynamics, and for improving family interventions and policy. This volume is predicated on the idea that advances in research on families will rely on innovations in design, measurement, data collection and data analysis that allow researchers to capture the multi-level complexities of family systems. 

The Penn State library subscribes to Springer's eBook package which allows students and faculty to read the book online, download chapters and/or purchase a paperback edition. 

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Last Updated January 09, 2015