'Poor man’s dinner' to be held at Penn State Schuylkill

As part of our 80th anniversary celebration, “a poor man’s dinner” has been scheduled for 6 p.m. Friday, Feb. 28, in the R. Michael Fryer Conference Room at Penn State Schuylkill. As part of the event, William Davis, noted speaker and professor, will provide an inspiring talk titled “Against All Odds." His talk will focus on getting “unstuck” and why procrastination is dangerous when it comes to setting and achieving goals for life and your purpose.

This event is free but reservations are required. Please contact Valerie Clay at 570-385-6246 or at vnc1@psu.edu.

According to Clay, a poor man’s dinner is a slogan representing a culturally significant event within the African-American community in which one’s family would gather for a dinner of what was available to them in celebrating special occasions. These dinners although considered sparse by selection of food were revered as “We may be poor (in wealth) but we have a good meal and the enjoyment of each other’s company."

For additional information, contact Valerie Clay at 570-385-6246 or at vnc1@psu.edu or visit the website for the events scheduled for the 80th anniversary at www.sl.psu.edu/80anniversary.

Last Updated February 18, 2014