Student Stories: Enamored with cows, animal science major interns with MWI

Whitney VanArtsdalen has always loved animals.

When she was younger, she had a particular interest in large animals, but it was only when she began working on a dairy farm that she became enamored with cows. And her love for bovines is what prompted her internship with MWI Veterinary Supply last year.

A senior majoring in animal science, the Gettysburg native spent her internship traveling the northeast region of the United States as an e-commerce trainer. She visited clinics in New York, New Jersey and Pennsylvania, training doctors and managers to electronically order products from the company.

She also helped the veterinary clinics become more organized with their inventories, using templates that made their ordering easier.

"The entire internship was very time consuming," VanArtsdalen said. "I drove a lot and stayed at a lot of hotels. But I got to see how small office clinics operate and their different management strategies -- it really taught me a lot."

Prior to visiting the clinics, VanArtsdalen first trained for her internship in Boise, Idaho. It was there that she learned the e-commerce system, about MWI as a company and how to be a good reference for clients.

"MWI is a great company to have an internship with," she said. "Its leaders really care for their employees and treat them well. It was a great experience and I learned so much."

Following graduation this semester, VanArtsdalen is considering either continuing her education or working with cows in the dairy industry.

With her past experience on dairy farms, including a recent internship working with robotic milkers in Gettysburg, she already knows how to do a wide range of things, such as diagnosing problems, managing feed, tending to the calves and milking the cows.

"I enjoy working with cows because I think they are fun animals that deserve respect," she said. "They are production animals that play such an important role in our lives."

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Last Updated February 13, 2014