New book for educators in technical, career facilities

UNIVERSITY PARK, Pa. -- Penn State College of Education faculty members Mark Threeton, assistant professor of education, and Richard Walter, associate professor emeritus of education, recently wrote a book designed to provide all technical educators with a deeper understanding of the roles and responsibilities associated with effectively and safely managing a technical education classroom and laboratory.

The book is aimed at teachers and trainers of occupations, such as nursing, culinary arts, cosmetology, precision machining, automotive technology, as well as administrators of career and technical education facilities.

“A career and technical educator must be a subject matter expert within the designated discipline, as well as competent within both instructional communication and management,” said Threeton. “They must provide students with a fully functional laboratory in which to develop occupational and academic skill-sets, master various competencies, and refine employability skills.”

Prepared with the occupational educator in mind, the book covers administrative topics such as equipment selection, instructional resources, facilities planning and laboratory maintenance and records. It also provides in-depth information on educational topics for career and technical educators such as orienting students to laboratory activities, teaching diverse learners and the integration of academics within technical subjects.

“Using this book, occupational educators can create an enhanced laboratory and classroom environment to promote successful learning and skill development,” said Threeton.

According to Threeton, understanding and fulfilling the roles and responsibilities associated with effectively and safely managing career and technical education facilities is a common issue facing occupational educators.

“The information on the subject of facilities management within career and technical education was limited,” said Threeton. “Thus, we decided to write this book to fill the void within the U.S.”

While the book could be used as classroom text, Threeton said that the intent was to assist professional career and technical educators across the U.S.

The book, titled “Managing Technical Program and Facilities,” was published in 2013 and is available from Whittier Publications.

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Last Updated January 09, 2015