Heard on Campus: David Teplica, plastic surgeon and photographer

“It is not widely recognized that fat makes the major difference between men and women. Fat is the organ by which we make all of our social judgments. Your bodily happiness (or unhappiness) is a function of fat.

“As you age, you are going to change in a predetermined way based upon your genetics — you can change your size, but not your shape — so you should learn to accept who you are. Nature beats nurture.”

-- Dr. David Teplica was the guest speaker at today's (Jan. 23) Penn State Forum Speaker Series event held at the Nittany Lion Inn. Teplica earned his bachelor's degree in philosophy from Penn State in 1981 before earning a medical degree from Dartmouth and master of fine arts degree from the School of the Art Institute of Chicago. His conclusions are based upon groundbreaking research using highly standardized digital imaging and analysis of anatomy, particularly that of identical twins.

Last Updated January 23, 2014