Global Programs accepting applications for two engagement opportunities

The University Office of Global Programs is offering two programs to give U.S. and international students the opportunity to build friendship and understanding outside the classroom.

The Foundations in Global Engagement: The First Year (FGE) is an exciting new program that will help students put a global spin on their Penn State experience from the start. There is both a first-year undergraduate track and a first-year graduate track. A cohort or group of international and U.S. students, called Global Engagement Corps, will participate in a series of events and programs that will be a catalyst for communication and learning to appreciate the similarities and differences in multinational groups. For more information and to apply, visit the FGE webpage. The deadline to apply is Friday, Jan. 24.

The Global Engagement and Leadership Experience known affectionately to past participants as GELE (pronounced like “jelly”) is a fantastic program for sophomores, juniors and seniors. GELE is a two-and-a-half day conference that brings together international and U.S. students to discuss and learn about aspects of global leadership. It is the perfect mix of serious conversations, engaging activities and practical simulations. This spring will be the seventh GELE session since its beginnings in fall 2010. Visit the GELE website or Facebook page to read about other students' experiences. The deadline to apply is Monday, Jan. 27.

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Last Updated January 21, 2014