VP of geographers association kicks off spring 2014 Coffee Hour

Vice President of the Association of American Geographers (AAG) Mona Domosh, will kick off the spring 2014 season Coffee Hour on Jan. 17 with her talk, “From the U.S. South to the Global South: Practicing Development at Home,” about agricultural extension practices that targeted African-American women in the American South in the first decades of the 20th century. Her visit is co-sponsored by the departments of Geography and Women’s Studies.

“Mona Domosh is a distinguished human geographer specializing in cultural, historical, urban and feminist geography.  She is a leader in discipline not only in terms of her service to the discipline but has also mentored many young scholars in the early stages of their careers,” said Lorraine Dowler, associate professor of geography and women’s studies, adding, “She is a wonderful role-model for all geographers.”

“Most scholars trace the history of ‘development’ within the American context to President Truman’s 1949 inaugural address, forgetting the innumerable ways in which the United States attempted to modernize ‘other’ peoples in the decades preceding World War II,” Domosh said, adding, “I document links between early postwar interventions by the United States into other countries under the guise of agricultural modernization and the U.S.’s own domestic agricultural extension services in the South, focusing on what was called home demonstration work as it pertained to rural women, particularly African American women.”  Learn more about Domosh’s Jan. 17 talk.

A cultural-historical geographer, Mona Domosh is the Joan P. and Edward J. Foley, Jr. 1933 professor of geography at Dartmouth College, Her research has examined the links between gender ideologies and the cultural and material formation of large American cities in the nineteenth century, the role that gender and "whiteness" played in the selling of American products overseas in the early twentieth century, and the geographical imaginations and material practices that underpinned American economic expansion before 1930.  

Coffee Hour is a weekly lecture hosted on Fridays during the spring and fall semesters by the Department of Geography celebrating interdisciplinary scholarship and collegiality. Topics range from innovations in GIScience, to food security, to land use and justice issues, among others. All members of community are invited to attend.
3:30 p.m. Refreshments are offered in the E. Willard Miller seminar room, 319 Walker Building
4:00 p.m. The lecture begins in the John J. Cahir Auditorium, 112 Walker Building

If you cannot attend the weekly coffee hour in person, the department offers Coffee Hour To Go as a webcast. More information about the spring 2014 schedule and accessing webcasts.

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