English professor Murphy publishes sixth book of poetry

Erin Murphy, associate professor of English, has had her sixth book of poetry, "Ancilla," published by Lamar University Press.

The poems in "Ancilla" are voiced by little-known historical figures who played ancillary roles in the lives of famous writers, artists, musicians, scientists, philosophers and others, including Walt Whitman, Friedrich Nietzsche, Georgia O’Keefe and Gustav Mahler. Ultimately, the poems in "Ancilla" address issues fundamental to feminist studies, such as gender roles, subservience and power. Writer Julianna Baggott said the lives in "Ancilla" “are exquisitely researched and richly re-imagined” and that “Murphy re-opens history and biography with strength and subtlety.”

One of the featured poems, “Mother of Invention,” won the 2013 Fermoy International Poetry Prize. Other poems from the book were published in North American Review, Southern Indiana Review, Nimrod International Journal, Kalliope, Atlanta Review and elsewhere.

Ancilla is available for purchase from Amazon, and Barnes and Noble.


Last Updated January 09, 2015