Students excel at Fall 2013 Student Research Conference

Penn State Greater Allegheny students highlighted their research projects at the campus Student Research Conference on Thursday, Nov. 21. 

There were 37 projects displayed, representing arts, humanities, social sciences, sciences, business and engineering. Some assignments related to Teaching International’s 2013-14 focus on Canada and global health, and some to campus emphases on civic engagement and sustainability.

Many honors students presented the results of their independent research.

Members of the campus community had the opportunity to vote for the best submissions. The winning entries are listed below.

First place – “Weather Wear” (IB 303)
Amanda Alhaj, Samantha Clark, Kimberly Latzy, Kalyn Sandmeyer, Shane Walsh
Second place – “Simple Tea” (IB 303)
Julia Qualiotto, Casey Naylor, Natalie Hazy, Becky Perhach

First place – “British Columbia: A Province with a Plan” (EGEE 101)
Brandon Bierer, McKenna Gilbert, Jimmy Lumbantoruan
Second place – “Quebec, Canada” (EGEE 101) 
Tyler Amrhein, Morgan DePaolo, Skylar Randolph

First place – “Animal Acupuncture: New and Controversial” (AG 113)
MaryAnne Stallworth
Second place – “Traditional Latin American Festivals” (SPAN 002H)
Rukiya Emanuel
Second place – “Student Attitudes’ Effect on Learning Physics” (PHYS 296)
Matthew Shaw, Harrison Stoebe

First place – “Hollywood vs. Reality” (IST 130)
Maurissa Jones
Second place – “The Effects of Homelessness Among Youth in the United States” (SO SC 001)
Tanisha Ramsey

1st  Place – “Mutation and Cancer” (BIO 230W)
Daniel Dudek
2nd  Place – “Energy in Ontario, Canada” (EGEE 101)
Victoria Benedetto, Sean Hildebrand, Ray Martin

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