New Kensington unveils the new branding initiative: 'Penn State Lives Here'

With a backdrop of alumni and the campus community mingling on the Athletics Center lawn, and the aroma of grilled hot dogs wafting through the air, Penn State New Kensington unveiled on Oct. 14, the University’s new brand initiative, “Penn State Lives Here." Chancellor Kevin Snider unfurled the 20’ x 24’ blue and white banner that hangs on the east side of the Elisabeth S. Blissell Library, across from the Athletics Center.

“Penn State Lives Here” is meant to embody the impact that students, faculty, staff, alumni and friends are making in the classroom, in research facilities, in communities and around the world. They are inspired by goals that bridge the divide between individual achievement and social benefit. They are Penn State’s “inspired doers” in an environment that values teamwork, success and service.

"When we say 'Penn State Lives here,' we are not just talking about the campuses," Snider said. "It lives in our hearts."

Penn State New Kensington lays claim to its own group of “inspired doers.” Campus ‘doers” set lofty goals and achieve those goals through innovation and collaboration. Members of our campus community are leaders who know the value of hard work and know how to lead by example.

One such campus “doer” is junior organizational leadership major and adult learner Hannah McBean who juggles school and family and wrote a book of inspirational poetry. Another campus doer is administration of justice instructor LaVarr McBride who helps paroled convicts become productive members of society. Alumna Kristen Guy, named to Pittsburgh’s “Fab 40” for her work in the community, is a campus “doer.” Also donning the campus “doer’ mantle is donor Joe Culp, who made a $100,000 gift to the campus to establish scholarships for talented students in a variety of disciplines.

These four Penn Staters are but a small sample of the members of the campus community who are inspired to help others and who inspire others to help.

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Last Updated October 16, 2013