Distinguished professor Stephen Cimbala publishes book on nuclear weapons

Penn State Brandywine distinguished professor of political science Stephen J. Cimbala’s latest book, "Arms for Uncertainty: Nuclear Weapons in US and Russian Security Policy," was published Oct. 4, by Ashgate Publishing Limited in the United Kingdom.

An excerpt from the book cover: “Nuclear weapons are here to stay. They have survived into the 21st century as instruments of influence for the U.S., Russia and other major military powers. But, unlike the Cold War era, future nuclear forces will be developed and deployed within a digital-driven world of enhanced conventional weapons. As such, established nuclear powers will have smaller numbers of nuclear weapons for the purpose of deterrence working in parallel with smarter conventional weapons and elite military personnel. The challenge is to agree proportional reductions in nuclear inventories or abstinence requiring an effective nonproliferation regime to contain aspiring or threshold nuclear weapons states.”

For more information, visit http://www.ashgate.com/isbn/9781472409867.

Cimbala is the author of numerous books and articles in the fields of international security studies, defense policy, nuclear weapons and arms control, intelligence and other fields. He is a graduate of Penn State, having received his bachelor of arts degree in journalism in 1965. He received an master of arts degree in 1967 and his doctorate in 1969, both in political science, from the University of Wisconsin-Madison. He serves on the editorial boards of various professional journals, has consulted for a number of U.S. government agencies and defense contractors, and is frequently quoted in the media on national security topics.

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Last Updated January 09, 2015