IST students gearing up for Video Game Day; public is welcome

Though it's still about a month away, students in the Penn State DuBois information science and technology (IST) program and Information Technology (IT) Club are already hard at work preparing for Video Game Day XX, slated for Saturday, Nov. 9.   

Video Game Day is held once each semester at the campus and is open to anyone interested in playing video or computer games. It offers participants the opportunity play popular games on both PCs and game consoles. More than 100 computers are networked together for the event, along with a wide variety of gaming consoles including Xbox 360s, PS3s, Wiis and even retro consoles.

All of the work that goes into setting up and tearing down this massive network of computers and gaming consoles is performed by IST students and IT Club members. Jason Long, senior instructor and the program leader for IST at Penn State DuBois said this event provides the students with incredibly valuable lessons.

"The Penn State Students that work on this event receives a hands-on exercise on planning, implementing and managing a large network environment," Long said. "Video Game Day literally takes over an entire wing of a building. Students overhaul an existing network and join it with a new network to support over 100 computers, multiple servers that host the videogames, different types of videogame consoles, and a management system used to monitor the event. After the event, the students tear down the new network and setup the old network that supports the campus. All of this setup and tear down happens in a 48-hour period. Students not only learn the technology to support the event, but they also learn the valuable skill of project management."

Video Game Day is always well attended, and Long is happy to provide this event for those in the area who enjoy it. He is also quick to point out, however, that behind the fun and games, his students make it all possible.

"My overall goal for this event is to have a safe place for video gamers of all ages to come and enjoy themselves," Long said. "Though, I hope members from the community come to Video Game Day to see how our IST degree will train someone to setup an event of this magnitude."

Video Game Day XX is planned for 4 to 11 p.m. on Saturday, Nov. 9, in the DEF Building at Penn State DuBois. Admission is $5 per person, and includes access to seven hours of video games, pizza, snacks, tournaments and more. 

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Last Updated October 11, 2013