Popular character, a Penn State linebacker-turned-lawyer, returns in new book

UNIVERSITY PARK, Pa. -- Award-winning author Paul Levine has aged, but Jake Lassiter, the popular protagonist in Levine’s series of legal thrillers, remains ageless, and Lassiter returns for readers with the publication of “State vs. Lassiter” as an e-book and in paperback in early October.

Levine, a Penn State alumnus who has authored 18 novels, first introduced readers to Lassiter, a Penn State linebacker-turned-lawyer, 23 years ago. Lassiter subsequently served as the lead character in 10 books by Levine.

In the latest book, “State vs. Lassiter,” the linebacker confronts his banker, who also happens to be his lover, when money goes missing from client trust-fund accounts. She accuses him of skimming funds and he accuses her of the same. Hours after she threatens to report him to the state bar association, she’s found dead -- and Lassiter is charged with murder.

Levine’s work has won the John D. MacDonald fiction award and he has been nominated for the Edgar, Macavity, International Thriller and James Thurber prizes. A former trial lawyer, Levine also wrote more than 20 episodes for the CBS military drama “JAG” and co-created the Supreme Court drama “First Monday,” starring James Garner and Joe Mantegna.

The critically acclaimed “To Speak for the Dead” was his first novel. He is also the author of the “Solomon vs. Lord” series. Levine earned his degree in journalism from Penn State in 1969 and later graduated from the University of Miami Law School. He lives in Miami. More information may be found at www.paul-levine.com.

Last Updated September 25, 2013