Arts and humanities periodicals relocated

The arts and humanities current periodicals (all 1,200 of them) have been moved from the Music and Media Center, second floor of Pattee Library, west, to the second floor, Pattee Library, central—room 202, just across from the Paterno Family Humanities Reading Room and adjacent to the second floor Pattee Stacks entrance. The location displayed in The CAT, the Libraries online catalog, remains Arts and Humanities, Pattee, 2nd floor, Current Periodicals.

The move provides greater visibility for the periodicals. It also frees up space for a soon-to-be-announced public display of movie DVDs in the Music and Media Center. 

For more information or for questions about the physical access provided, contact Eric Novotny, head of the Arts and Humanities Library, at or 814-865-1014.

Last Updated September 17, 2013