Heard on Campus: Majora Carter

“I’ve seen this in every low-income area I've ever visited -- I don't care what color they are -- when people feel as though they're lacking in everything, the humanity is jeopardized, it just is. ... I do believe the best form of social service is a job and creating opportunities for people to be gainfully employed in support of their own tax base and in support of their own schools, in support of housing, then I think things will change for the better."

-- Majora Carter,
 urban revitalization strategist, speaking today (Sept. 5) during the first event of the 2013-14 Penn State Forum Speaker Series at The Penn Stater Conference Center Hotel. Carter spoke of successful revitalization initiatives in her native South Bronx, N.Y., including green jobs training, economic development and beautification projects.

Last Updated September 05, 2013