Mail Services announces that new mail cards must be created online

UNIVERSITY PARK, Pa. -- Penn State Mail Services has migrated its postal management and accounting systems to a new system that will provide the ability to create an address book, track mail dates and costs more efficiently and quickly.

As part of that transition, the current mail cards will no longer be supported. Mail processing cards will need to be created online for each batch of mail.
Customers can use one mail card for all their mail sent at one time, but a new card will have to be created online every time mail is sent to mail services.

The new mail cards (ship request forms) can be generated at by clicking on Mail Meter Cards, logging in using a CAC ID and clicking on the desktop link. Complete the request, print and send it with the mail pieces (pop-up blocker will have to be disabled to enable printing).

The mail request form that is printed out will have a unique number at the bottom (below the bar code), which can be used to track when it was mailed or specific costs associated with that mailing by calling mail services.

For questions, call 814-865-7544.

Employees are asked to discontinue using the manual meter cards and copies of the online meter card.

Last Updated September 04, 2013