Phishing scam targets Penn State students

Faculty, staff and students are reminded to be cautious about emails that are unfamiliar or appear to be questionable in nature. A recent phishing scam was sent to email addresses of some Penn State students.  The email congratulated students for meeting the qualifications of an honor society and pointed students to the Web address to join the organization. When students attempted to join the honor society, they learned there was a fee associated with membership.

Penn State does not sell or release the email addresses of any of its constituents --  including faculty, staff and students -- and the University is not affiliated with any external honor societies and does not endorse any outside student honor societies. As a reminder, even if a company address looks legitimate, it's important to never send information in response to an e-mail, especially personal information such as bank account numbers, credit card data, Social Security number, address or password information.

For more information about how to protect your personal data from phishing scams and other dangers, visit Penn State's Be Safe website at

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Last Updated October 09, 2013