Penn State Schuylkill 2013 Convocation

Students, family members and guests were invited to join the Penn State Schuylkill campus community to commemorate the start of a new school year during Convocation. During this event, the new students were officially inducted into the Penn State family.

Director of Academic Affairs Stephen Couch, opened Convocation by welcoming the faculty, staff, students, family member and guests. He invited students to "Spend your time with us learning knowledge, to help you thrive in careers and in life. Use this time to learn the wisdom of humility, to know you will never know it all, but that continuing to seek knowledge will give you payoffs that last a lifetime."

Michael Gallis, associate professor of physics, provided the keynote address. As Gallis explained, "The Penn State experience is a community effort including class work, group projects and study groups, but also in clubs, sports and other social activities. In order to get the most out of such and experience, one must be actively engaged and consciously contribute to those experiences." He went on to explain, "The communities in which we participate serve as a support for our efforts and are especially important for those inevitable stumbles in life."

Kelly Austin, chancellor of Penn State Schuylkill, welcomed the class of 2017 for the official opening of the 2013-14 academic year -- the 79th year in the history of the campus. During his remarks, he discussed the importance of continuing your education and being a lifelong learner, as well as, the challenges that might arise on the educational journey. He spoke of the many rewards that come to those who earn their degrees, both financially and in quality of life. He cautioned that while these may be compelling reasons, students should consider the following quote from Winston Churchill, who said, "We make a living by what we get, but we make a life by what we give." In closing, Austin said, "We at Penn State Schuylkill are not only committed to preparing you for the immediate years after you graduate, but will impart unto you an appreciation and love for learning, that you can take with you always."

Janelle Gruber, assistant director of admissions, welcomed the incoming class and wished them continued success as they embark on their Penn State experience. She applauded the academic credentials of the incoming students, stating that "The SAT/ACT scores and high school GPA's of your class are higher than we have seen in the last five years at our campus." She encouraged them to "... be more than just a face in the crowd. Share your ideas, knowledge, and skills. Challenge yourself and your peers on a daily basis. Learn from your faculty, staff, advisers and mentors. Get involved and have fun!" In closing, she said, "I look forward to seeing some of you earning awards at Honors Day, performing in a Nittany Players production, raising thousands of dollars for the dance marathon, winning athletic awards, and hopefully one day receiving your Penn State degree and moving onto the next phase of your life. You've come a long way since last summer ... now keep going, It's your time."

Immediately following Convocation, students, family and guests joined the Penn State Schuylkill faculty and staff for a picnic on the campus green.



Last Updated August 27, 2013