Science Seminars: July 22 to 28

Tuesday, July 23
"Four Million Years and Counting: Designing and Analyzed the RAPIT GCM Ensemble," Peter Challenor, University of Exeter (U.K.), noon, 541 Deike Building, Sustainable Climate Risk Management/Earth & Environmental Systems Institute (814-865-5007/814 -865-4504).

Wednesday, July 24
"Molecular Modeling of Metal-Organic Frameworks: Breathing Water Adsorption and Proton Transport,” Francesco Peasani, University of California at San Diego, 2:30 p.m., 102 Chemistry Building, host: William G. Noid (814-865-4543 ).

Friday, July 26
"Plant-pollinator Mutualisms: Community Structure, Function, and Management," Laura Russo, Penn State, 10 a.m., 317 Mueller Laboratory, host: Katriona Shea, Intercollege Graduate Degree Program in Ecology (814-865-7910). 

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