American Society of Landscape Architects lauds Penn State students

UNIVERSITY PARK, Pa. -- The Pennsylvania–Delaware Chapter of the American Society of Landscape Architects recently released their student winners list of scholarships and awards, which included multiple Penn State students. The awards are designed to encourage and recognize excellence in landscape architecture and to dramatize to the public, the variety, scope and value of landscape architectural services. The Student Awards Program was open to all students currently enrolled in Pennyslvania and Delaware landscape architectural curriculums; they submitted work associated with their academic pursuits. Students who enter must be a Student Member of ASLA, with the exception of the Student Collaboration Category.

Awards were presented for General Design, Residential Design, Analysis and Planning, Research, Communications, Student Collaboration and Student Community Service Award. Awards were bestowed in Honor, Merit and Special Recognition Awards categories. The entrants' work was judged on quality of design or presentation, functionalism, context and surrounding relationships, technological advancements, pioneering efforts, and overall significance to the profession. A distinguished jury panel was assembled to judge the Awards Program entries. Penn State recipients numbered 19.

ASLA Honor and Merit Awards Program: These awards are initiated by the National ASLA for PA-DE ASLA to jury for each school. The students presented a body of work. 
The Penn State winners were:

Undegraduate Honor:
Paul Phillips
Sarah Rumbaugh
Gabriella Salvemini

Undergraduate Merit:
Grace Byrne
Mitchell Cashatt
Brian McLoughlin

Graduate Honor:
Molly Oliver

Graduate Merit:
Brittany Adams

Academic Awards Program: These awards are initiated by PA-DE ASLA and are juried by an outside ASLA Chapter. The students submitted individual projects. The 2013 PA-DE ASLA Academic Awards Program was juried by the California Sierra ASLA Chapter.
The Penn State Winners were:

Analysis & Planning Category
HONOR AWARD - "Flexible Futures: Facilitating a Green Energy Future Through Adaptive Planning" – Christopher Maurer and Michael Humes – Brian Orland & Tim Murtha (advisers)
MERIT AWARD - "Connect 5" – Sean Lyons and Chris Maurer – Larry Gorenflo and Brian Orland (advisers)

Student Community Service Category
For pro bono community service by students demonstrating sound principles and values of landscape architecture. Typical entries include: individual students or student organizations providing community-based advocacy or public service.
HONOR AWARD - "Weaving of Systematic Layering and Green Practices for the Revival of the Woodland Ave. Corridor: Pittsburgh, PA" – Christopher Chiampi – Ken Tamminga (adviser)
MERIT AWARD - "Examining Sustainable Development Options in Jersey Shore: A Community Engaged Process" – Preston Linck, Kirsten Hardy, Thomas Kyd and Dina Mahmoud – Mallika Bose (adviser)

Academic People's Choice
Determined from the attendees of the Annual Meeting.
PEOPLE'S CHOICE – "Weaving of Systematic Layering and Green Practices for the Revival of the Woodland Ave. Corridor: Pittsburgh, PA" – Christopher Chiampi – Ken Tamminga (adviser)

Student Scholarship
One is selected for each school.
The Penn State winner was Lacey Goldberg.


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