Heard on Campus: Keith Deaven of Mediabarn at IST's Start-up Week

“People become experts as soon as a product is done and the first thing that goes off the budget is user research. As much as you think you know your audience and products, user research can increase your adoption rate if you do it right. Spend a small amount of money on user testing to figure out if people want your product and can use your product.

You don’t want to innovate by testing, but it is wise to test your innovation. Test early and test often. If done right, you will always learn something new.”

--Keith Deaven, a 1990 graduate of the College of Liberal Arts at Penn State with a degree in labor and industrial relations. Deaven is one of the co-founders and leaders of Mediabarn, a dynamic and innovative company based in Arlington, VA that houses a user interface and experience practice, a creative studio, and a creative placement agency all under one roof. As CEO and co-founder, Deaven has led Mediabarn through nine successful years, turning the organization into an interactive powerhouse. Some of Mediabarn’s clients range from government organizations such as the U.S Army and the National Institute of Health to some of the world’s most widely recognized media brands including Discovery Communications, National Geographic, The Better Business Bureau, and AARP. In addition, Mediabarn specializes in education-focused software products, providing research and design services to organizations such as Pearson, K12, Discovery Education, and PBS.

Deaven began his interactive career at America Online during its years of significant growth in the mid-1990’s. His experience at AOL taught him the essential elements needed to design and build world class interactive products.

Last Updated March 21, 2013