Dependent verifications end soon, two-thirds of faculty and staff have completed

UNIVERSITY PARK, Pa. – Penn State employees who have not yet submitted the required documents for the Dependent Verification Program must do so by March 30 in order to continue medical, dental and vision plans beyond March 31. Non-verified dependents will be removed from coverage plans April 1. Additionally, those receiving tuition discounts that are not verified will lose this benefit by the start of the summer 2013 semester.

“We are very appreciative of the many faculty and staff who have already completed the verification,” said Susan Basso, associate vice president for Human Resources.

According to Basso, two-thirds of Penn State’s faculty and staff members currently covering dependents have completed the verification process. The program has been implemented in an effort to control rising health-related costs for Penn State and its employees.  Aon Hewitt, a human resources consulting firm that specializes in dependent verification services, is conducting the verification on the University’s behalf. Basso said that the Office of Human Resources would communicate the results of this effort upon conclusion of the program.

In the past, the University has relied on its faculty and staff to know and comply with criteria for dependent eligibility, but according to Robin Oswald, director of employee benefits, the new program will show that Penn State is being fiscally responsible, proving due diligence in making sure dependents are actually eligible.

Penn State employees declaring dependents that receive health, dental or vision benefits or participate in the tuition discount will need to submit verification of the relationship they have with the dependents. Birth certificates or adoption decrees are necessary for dependent children, and marriage certificates and redacted tax returns -- blocking out sensitive personal information -- that show only that a couple is filling jointly are necessary for married couples. Other common documents to prove relationships may be requested instead. Oswald said copies of these documents can be submitted electronically as a photograph, as a scanned digital document or by fax, or copies can be mailed to the consulting firm.

Anyone with questions about the verification or the process should call Aon Hewitt at 1-888-223-3338. Frequently asked questions about the process, and their answers, are available at

Last Updated March 13, 2013