New power management system puts computers in sleep or standby modes

The “green paw” of Penn State continues to leave an energy-saving footprint at Penn State New Kensington.

Idle campus computers will power down after a predetermined time by utilizing a function of the campus’ power management system. The new settings will allow monitors and hard drives to go to sleep or go to standby, in as early as five minutes if no one is logged in or 120 minutes if a user is logged in. The measures are expected to save the campus $56 per computer annually. With 234 computers on campus, that total annual savings will be more than $13,000. Phase I of the University-wide effort will focus on classroom computers. Phase II will focus on faculty and staff computers.

The initiative by the Information Technology department is a part of New Kensington’s ongoing sustainability program that operates under the "Green Paw" program of the Penn State Campus Sustainability Office. The office is charged with ensuring that Penn State is ecologically sound, socially responsible and financially strong, while serving as a living laboratory for global sustainability to educate and serve our students. Penn State has been the leader in sustainability initiatives among colleges and universities. The Sustainability office, established in 2008, promotes and ensures environmentally-safe activity at Penn State. Its initiatives protect and enhance the financial, human, and ecological resources of the University, and the planet.

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Last Updated March 06, 2013