Teaching International presents: Water rules -- life

The Teaching International program at Penn State Greater Allegheny will present "Water Rules - Life. A look at how water can instruct us in design, planning, and living" at 12:15 p.m. on Thursday, Feb. 28, in the Ostermayer Room, Student Community Center. 

Artist Betsy Damon

Artist Betsy Damon

Image: Penn State

Presenter Betsy Damon is an internationally recognized artist whose work with water, site-specific sculptures, and performance has received widespread acclaim and publication. Since 1985, she has focused her work on water and ecological issues. She is the founder and director of the nonprofit Keepers of the Waters, through which she works on environmental and health education, ecological planning, and advocacy worldwide. She is currently involved in projects in China, ReSources: Saving Living Systems; and in the United States, The Living Waters of Larimer, for community action and sustainable water design. Betsy’s work has earned her over 30 awards of merit. She has most recently received the Heinz Endowment for Residencies at Art Organizations, and a Kalliopeia Foundation Grant.

The Teaching International program at Penn State Greater Allegheny has been in place since 2004.  Its goal is to educate students about world trends by studying different regions and issues of global importance. This year's focus is on the Celtic Nations and water. More than 20 faculty and staff members are cooperating to explore and reflect on various aspects of the history, culture, and economic, social, and political reality of this region. Course lectures, student research projects, public debates, service learning activities, theater productions, films, and guest lectures will be used to spread knowledge about this area of the world. Teaching International is a partner with the Greener Allegheny initiative and the Honors Program to bring lectures, films, and other activities on globalization and sustainability to the campus.

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Last Updated February 27, 2013