Book highlights gardens of Suzhou

Ron Henderson, professor of landscape architecture and Asian studies, chair in integrative design at Stuckeman has published “The Gardens of Suzhou.”  The illustrated book takes an in-depth intriguing guidebook-style view of the famous Suzhou Gardens.  It is indispensable for garden enthusiasts and professionals venturing to China and those who will appreciate the landscape architect’s fine insights.  The size makes for an easy carry-on when traveling. Henderson will present a series of Penn State and international book lectures and signings in spring and summer of 2013.

About the book -- Suzhou, near Shanghai, is among the great garden cities of the world. The city's masterpieces of classical Chinese garden design, built from the 11th through the 19th centuries, attract thousands of visitors each year and continue to influence international design. In The Gardens of Suzhou, landscape architect and scholar Ron Henderson guides visitors through 17 of these gardens. The book explores world cultural heritage sites such as the Master of the Nets Garden, Humble Administrator's Garden, Lingering Garden, and Garden of the Peaceful Mind, as well as other lesser-known but equally significant gardens in the Suzhou region.

Unlike the acclaimed religious and imperial gardens found elsewhere in Asia, Suzhou's gardens were designed by scholars and intellectuals to be domestic spaces that drew upon China's rich visual and literary tradition, embedding cultural references within the landscapes. The elements of the gardens confront the visitor: rocks, trees and walls are pushed into the foreground to compress and compact space, as if great hands had gathered a mountainous territory of rocky cliffs, forests and streams, then squeezed it tightly until the entire region would fit into a small city garden.

Henderson's commentary opens Suzhou's gardens, with their literary and musical references, to non-Chinese visitors. Drawing on years of intimate experience and study, he combines the history and spatial organization of each garden with personal insights into their rockeries, architecture, plants and waters. Fully illustrated with newly drawn plans, maps and original photographs, The Gardens of Suzhou invites visitors, researchers and designers to pause and observe astonishing works from one of the world's greatest garden design traditions.

Available in Stuckeman Library, for purchase online, and at PSU bookstore. University of Pennsylvania Press, Philadelphia;

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