Guidelines for submitting photos to Penn State News

These are general guidelines for the submission of photos. All photos are subject to review and editing. Final decisions for inclusion of a photo rests with the editorial staff of Penn State News.

-- By submitting your photos to Penn State News, you are agreeing to have them used in accordance with Penn State News' Creative Commons licensing. They will be made available, royalty-free, for noncommercial use by Penn State units, news media outlets and others.

-- Editing photos to change the content of the image is prohibited.

-- Photos must be sent individually to, each in a separate email, to ensure that they are received. Attaching several photos to a single email increases the size of the email document to the point that the email and its attachments could be rejected by the email server. Sending photos in separate emails eliminates this problem.

-- Photos must be sent as soon as possible after the event -- the same day, if possible, but no later than the morning after the event. Friday night or weekend event photos should be sent first thing Monday morning.

-- Advance notice of photo packages is appreciated. If we know you will have photos coming, we can better plan to include processing them and putting together the Around Campus section. It also will enable us to consider inclusion of the package on various Newswires as may be appropriate.

-- Photo names should be descriptive, but short. The Web does not recognize spaces in file names, so the name should not include spaces. Photos with camera-designated names such as MVC-002F.JPG or DSC_2375.jpg will not be used. If multiple photos are being submitted, use the naming convention 01Campusname_event.jpg, 02Campusname_event.jpg, etc.

-- Photos should be high-resolution, at least 150 pixels/inch, maximum-quality .jpg files. To be safe, do not downsize the photos from their original size. Although the primary use of the photos may be the Web, we like to have the high-resolution versions on file for other uses. Even if the photos are 150 pixels/inch, if their overall dimensions are small, we cannot use them in Around Campus packages.

-- Complete caption information for each photo must be included, preferably in the photo's file information. Captions should identify all people in the photo, regardless of age. Captions also may be included in the email that contains the photo, but must be easily matched to the photos. For example:

02comm_newken.jpg: The first graduates of the master of education program at Penn State New Kensington, Suzanne Iagnemma, Sarah Litz, Jennifer Nix, Brandy Stover, Nicole White and Christina Zacherl, stand during commencement ceremonies at the campus.

-- Photos must be candid shots. Penn State News does not use posed photos. Posed photos include group photos, photos of two or more people smiling for the camera, people pretending to be working or "grip-and-grin" and "line-'em-up-and-shoot-'em" photos (posed photos of check or award presentations). Photos of speakers at the podium are acceptable, because they are not posed photos. For examples of candid shots from routine events, check current photo packages on Penn State News at

-- Photos must be in focus. No matter how good the subject of the photo is, if the photo is blurry, we can't use it.

-- We would like to be able to give credit to the people taking the pictures, so the photographer's name should be included.

Submit each photo in a separate email to

Last Updated January 28, 2014