Book explores food science history at Penn State

Manfred Kroger, professor of food science emeritus, is the author of "Trends in Food Science: History at Penn State," recently published by DESTech Publications Inc. in Lancaster. This book chronicles the scientific investigation of food at Penn State, where significant developments in food science, especially dairy technology, had their start. The work depicts the evolution of the study of food at the Agricultural Experiment Station at Penn State in terms of pioneering researchers, studies and interactions among academia, industry and the government. This book is a documented account of the subjects that attracted the students who became leaders in the U.S. food industry of the last century and a half. At the same time, it details the evolution of the academic infrastructure, politics and projects that led to creating the modern department of food science. The text includes dozens of anecdotes about, and quotations from, investigators who helped Penn State rise to the top rank of universities in food science education and research.

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Last Updated March 19, 2009