The American Red Cross: Type O's needed

University Park, Pa. -- The American Red Cross needs blood donors. All types are needed but a special emphasis is on Type O blood.

Due to lower than forecasted April blood collections, supplies of all blood types are well below desired levels. The Greater Alleghenies Blood Services Region of the American Red Cross started Monday morning (April 14) with just 15 units of Type O negative blood to support 97 hospitals in their service area. It takes approximately 48 hours for one voluntary unit of blood to be tested, processed and placed on the shelf of a local blood bank.

The Red Cross will be hosting a number of blood drives on campus:

April 15                         Pollock Rec. Room                    1-7pm
April 16                         Waring, West Halls                    1-7pm
April 17                         Redifer, South Halls                   1-7pm
April 22                         HUB – Alumni Hall                     10am-4pm
April 23                         HUB – Alumni Hall                     10am-4pm
April 24                         HUB – Alumni Hall                     10am-4pm
April 28                         Wagner Building                        10am-4pm
April 29                         Innov. Park-Outreach Bldg.         10am-4pm
April 30                         HUB – Alumni Hall                     10am-4pm
May 1                           Deike Building                           10am-4pm
May 5                           St. Andrews Church                   10am-4pm
May 7                           Bryce Jordan Center (Gate B)     10am-4pm
May 8                           Nittany Lion Inn                          10am-4pm

A list of Penn State drive locations can also be found at



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Last Updated March 19, 2009