Housing request process reminder for students

University Park, Pa. -- Eligible students who wish to live on campus for 2009-2010 must submit a Housing Contract Request through the eLiving Housing Contract System. The eLiving Contract Request process begins on Nov.17 at noon and ends Jan. 22, 2009 at noon.
Students who are considering a change of campus are advised to submit two Contract Requests – one for the campus they plan to attend and one for their current campus. If the student is offered a Housing Contract for one or both campuses, he or she should accept both offers, even if the change of campus has not yet been approved. Students are responsible for canceling the Housing Contract for the campus they will not be attending by contacting Housing and Food Services once their change of campus has been finalized. There is no penalty for canceling the contract at the campus you will not attend.
On-campus housing is not guaranteed.
More information on the eLiving Housing Contract System and the Contract Request process is available at www.eliving.psu.edu.

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Last Updated March 19, 2009