Heard on Campus: Oliver 'Buck' Revell at the Penn State Forum

"As we go forward, security must be integrated into our everyday thinking. But in our society, we have to ensure that that security does not undermine the very basic differences between our society and others, which is the sanctity of human life, the Constitutional rights that we as a society have established our country upon, and which we must maintain in order to differentiate a civilized society against that which is, in fact, intended to destroy the civilization that we know of, and to return to a very medieval form of control of religion, control of culture, control of  literature and the virtual enslavement of half the population, meaning the female half of the population. Those are the stakes that are involved."

— Oliver "Buck" Revell, global business and security consultant and former Marine and FBI special agent, who discussed "Terrorism, the Current and Future Threat to America," during the Penn State Forum today (Dec. 8) at University Park. Revell served for five years as an officer and aviator in the U.S. Marine Corps, leaving active duty in 1964 as a captain. He then served 30 years as a special agent and senior executive of the Federal Bureau of Investigation (1964-1994). In September 1987, Revell was placed in charge of a joint FBI/CIA/U.S. military operation (Operation Goldenrod) which led to the first apprehension overseas of an international terrorist. He is also author of the book "G-Man's Journal: A Legendary Career Inside the FBI — From the Kennedy Assassination to the Oklahoma City Bombing."

Last Updated November 18, 2010