Another Midnight Clear declared

Penn State University Park Snow Marshal Lloyd Rhoades has declared another Midnight Clear for tonight (Jan. 28).

The snow and sleet is generally over, although Rhoades said there could be some sleet/showers until about 5 p.m. There is a possibility of a brief period that could be all snow and add a heavy coating to an additional inch. Temperatures will probably drop into the teens overnight.
Considering this, here is the OPP plan:
ROAD CREWS: Have continued to scrape snow all morning and have been in all faculty/staff lots since they started at midnight last night. They go off-line for a mandatory rest period at the end of their shift and return tonight at midnight to address any lots that had snow accumulate after they were plowed, and move snow that is piled in corners of the lots to free up parking spaces lost to snow piles. "This is why the Midnight Clear is needed again tonight, so they can move as unimpeded in the lots," Rhoades said. Two spreader trucks are applying salt to the driving paths of all faculty lots this afternoon to help with the melt and also the removal tonight.

LANDSCAPE: Has worked since 5 a.m. on the walkways and should finish by the end of their shift. Two equipment operators will remain on campus this evening to provide support to the volleyball game at Rec Hall, and to salt any campus walks as icing may occur. The entire crew will report at 6 a.m. to address any areas that have iced during the night, and prepare the walks for the business day.

JANITORIAL: Will continue to work on shift to clear all building entrances.

"There will undoubtedly be isolated icy areas in the morning, so please continue to exercise care in driving and walking," Rhoades said.

Last Updated November 18, 2010