Students create honor code

Penn State College of Medicine is proud to announce the approval and installation of the first Student Honor Code governing both medical and graduate students. The honor code formation was a student-run initiative begun by medical students that grew to incorporate graduate students, as well.

The process began in April 2008 when students of the Medical Class of 2011 recognized a need for an added emphasis on professionalism and academic integrity within the College. Background information was gathered and honor codes of other schools were studied to achieve a thorough understanding of the types of codes that exist and what would be the best fit at the College of Medicine. Following this exploration, it was determined that the honor code should mirror the College of Medicine’s mission statement based in academics, patient care, research, and community improvement.

The honor code is designed to be a concise unified statement of common values held by students of the College of Medicine and does not seek to address every possible situation that may arise. Instead, it sets a tone of cohesiveness, integrity, and professionalism that will serve to bolster a renewed emphasis on honor to incoming medical and graduate students. It is set to be incorporated into the orientation programs for incoming students this summer.

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Last Updated May 21, 2009