Arts Festival exhibitor's photograph on loan to U.S. embassy in Cyprus

University Park, Pa. -- Randy Persing has been discovered.

Persing has received an invitation from the ART in Embassies Program of the U.S. Department of State to have one of his pieces of photographic wall art placed on public display in the Republic of Cyprus.

Persing, computer graphics specialist in Penn State's College of Education’s Education Technology Center (ETC), operates a successful photography venture, Randall Persing Photography. He produces and sells photographic prints that depict pastoral scenes of the Amish community of central Pennsylvania and their unique way of life.

Frank C. Urbancic Jr., U.S. ambassador to Cyprus, took a particular liking to Persing’s photo titled "Arriving for Sunday Service." Urbancic spotted the photograph last September at Persing’s booth during an art show in Alexandria, Va. 

Several months later, Persing received a call from Sally Mansfield, curator in the ART in Embassies Program. Mansfield asked if Persing would be interested in loaning "Arriving for Sunday Service" to the State Department so it could be exhibited in the U.S. Embassy residence in Nicosia, Cyprus. As a result, a framed, limited edition of the photograph will hang in a prominent spot in full view of diplomats, dignitaries, and the public for the duration of Urbancic’s term.

Established in 1964, the ART in Embassies Program is a global museum that exhibits more than 3,500 original works of art by U.S. citizens in the public rooms of approximately 180 diplomatic residences worldwide.

Also, for the sixth straight year, Persing has earned space for a booth at the prestigious Central Pennsylvania Festival of the Arts. He has displayed his work and received place awards at numerous arts shows up and down the eastern seaboard and into Michigan. His work has been published in several magazines and brochures.

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Last Updated January 09, 2015