Ednie retires after 35 years at Hershey

Doug Ednie, manager of the animal resource facilities in College of Medicine, Penn State Hershey Medical Center, recently retired.

Ednie began working for the College of Medicine in 1974 as a senior research technician in the Department of Microbiology and Immunology, moving to the Department of Comparative Medicine as the manager of the animal resource facilities in 1983. In this role, he trained and supervised animal care technicians, assisted and advised investigators with research projects, and provided leadership in the growing department.

Throughout his 35 years with Penn State, he earned various certifications and encouraged his staff and others to improve their skills and abilities through advanced training classes, tours of the animal resource facility, discussions about animal welfare issues, and understanding the use and quality care of laboratory animals in science. 

Due to his extensive knowledge of mechanics, Ednie recommended equipment needs and suggested facility-related requirements to better operate and expand the facility. He was familiar with health and biosafety issues and ensured code enforcement and compliance with state and federal regulations. He contributed significantly to the successful planning, construction, and activation of the barrier wing addition in the early 2000s. Ednie also was instrumental to the facilities upgrading and refurbishing grant submitted in May 2009 and the ARRA facilities improvement grant proposing an addition to the barrier wing, which was submitted in July 2009 following his retirement.

For providing extraordinary service and guidance to his colleagues and exemplary care to his research animals, Ednie was recognized as the Penn State Milton S. Hershey Medical Center Employee of the Month in December 2003.

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Last Updated January 10, 2015