Lecture in social demography to be held Nov. 3 at University Park

Penn State’s fourth annual De Jong Lecture in Social Demography will be held Nov. 3 on the University Park campus. The talk is titled "Gender and the Reallocation of Time Later in Life,” by Suzanne M. Bianchi, professor of sociology at the University of Maryland, and Dorothy Meier Chair in Social Equity, UCLA.

Given the dominant trend in Western societies toward increased female labor force participation, there has understandably been a great deal of exploration of women's time allocation and gender equality in market and nonmarket work during the child-rearing years. Much less well conceptualized or studied empirically is what happens to women’s (and men’s) time and to the gender division of labor later in life, as children exit the parental home and both approach retirement. The presentation will discuss illustrative findings from a number of datasets that provide insights into women’s (and men’s) time allocation at a point in the life course when women’s and men’s work and family demands may again be more similar than during the child-rearing years.

Discussants include Frances Goldscheider, college park professor of family science at the University of Maryland, and Valarie King, professor of sociology, demography, and human development and family studies at Penn State. The conference is free. Visit http://www.pop.psu.edu/events/dejonglecture/ for details and registration.

The De Jong Lecture is supported by the Gordon F. and Caroline M. De Jong Lectureship in Social Demography Endowment and supplemented by the Department of Sociology and the Population Research Institute at Penn State.

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Last Updated January 09, 2015