Penn State football weekends, by the numbers

Each Penn State home game brings a swell of activity in and around the stadium, but have you ever stopped to wonder about the numbers behind all the game-day excitement?

Penn State football by the numbers:

-- Beaver Stadium Pictorials: 6,200 sold on an average game, 43,400 a year;

-- Employees: More than 3,000 inside and around the stadium;

-- Emergency: About 80 emergency medical services personnel, five to six ambulances, more than 60 cases per game, more than 20 of those transported to the hospital. Alcohol overdose accounts for more than 30 percent of all emergencies;

-- Money distributed to nonprofit and student groups: More than $393,500 in 2008 (This money raised comes primarily from concession workers and the stadium clean-up crews, both of which work as volunteers for nonprofit organizations, student groups, athletic teams and club teams.)

-- Parking: Approximately 25,000 vehicles park on site, along with 250 to 800 (a record) overnight recreational vehicles;

-- Garbage: An average game generates 45 to 55 tons of waste, of which 35 percent is recycled. There has been an increase in recycled materials of about 300 percent since 2002 thanks in large part to the student group the STATERs, who run the blue bag program;

-- Ice cream: Weather and time permitting, the Creamery will sell nearly 4,000 ice cream cones, 500 milk shakes and more than 3,000 half gallons of ice cream during a football weekend.

-- Concessions: The almost 50 concession stands sell an average of 11,500 hot dogs per game. During the last home game of 2008 almost 45,000 cups of hot chocolate were sold.

*All numbers are based on the 2008 Penn State football season.

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Last Updated November 18, 2010