Markers celebrate Penn State accomplishments

Next time you're near The Nittany Lion Inn, keep an eye out for a new blue and white landmark. On Thursday, Aug. 27, Penn State's newest historical marker was unveiled next to the Biomechanics Teaching Lab. The marker recognizes the establishment of the lab, which is part of the Department of Kinesiology, and the three people who established and enhanced it. It was the first lab of its kind, and it is now renowned.

In addition, a new historical marker erected by the Penn State Alumni Association commemorates a pioneering aeronautical research project in the College of Engineering. The marker, located in Foundry Park (behind Hammond Building), is dedicated to Barnes McCormick, Boeing professor emeritus of aerospace engineering, and his research team, who made the first measurements of the details of wake turbulence behind a full-scale airplane. These measurements were later used in setting separation distances between aircraft operating in and out of airport, distances codified today in the regulations of the Federal Aviation Administration and international agencies.

For more information about the Biomechanics Teaching Lab marker, visit and for more information about the marker in Foundry Park, visit online.

Last Updated October 11, 2009