Relax and restore in de-stress zone

Effective stress management is an important part of a balanced and healthy life. This fall students and staff can “relax, relieve and restore” at University Health Services (UHS). The Health Promotion and Wellness resource area is home to a new de-stress zone. UHS modeled the space after a similar one created by Catherine Augustine, of the College of Education, at the Penn Stater. 

The UHS de-stress zone features 2 iPod stations with a variety of relaxation, stress reduction, mindfulness and brain massage audio tracks. Additionally, two biofeedback programs are offered on a desktop computer. Finger sensors collect biofeedback and visually indicate the body’s responses to relaxation techniques. The programs train the mind and body to react positively, encouraging the development of stress-reducing habits.

Healing Rhythms, a science-based general stress reduction program, helps users achieve a balance of mind and body. HeartMath has been determined through research to relieve test anxiety. Additional training modules and games are also available.

The Health Promotion and Wellness resource area is located in 201 Student Health Center.  Students and staff are encouraged to stop by during regular business hours. For more information about the de-stress zone, please call (814) 863-0461 or e-mail

Please note: the de-stress zone is not a substitution for counseling or psychiatric treatment. Students suffering from acute stress issues should contact the Center for Counseling and Psychological Services (CAPS). To schedule an appointment with CAPS, call (814) 863-0395 or visit 501 Student Health Center during regular office hours (8-5, M-F).

Last Updated April 18, 2017