Education Student Council provides voice, volunteer opportunities

A College of Education undergraduate organization is working with the administration, faculty, staff and other students to improve communication and increase student involvement with the college. The Education Student Council provides an opportunity for College of Education students to work together to strengthen the communication links between students, faculty, staff and administrators.

"Every month, I get to meet with Dean Monk and other students to discuss different ideas, issues and upcoming events within the college," said Breanna Beiswenger, president of the Education Student Council. "We enjoy being able to work with the faculty and staff within the college, and I love knowing that they trust me to help out with different events."

The Education Student Council is involved with the college and Penn State beyond the "meeting room." In early April, the ESC participated in Link U.P., a day designed to help first-year Commonwealth Campus students with their move to State College after their sophomore year, and during the recent Campaign kick-off weekend, the group greeted alumni and donors attending the college's featured introduction to its Innovation Studio.

"Our organization provides a lot of opportunities for volunteering," Beiswenger added. "The Education Student Council is a great way for students to get involved in the College of Education and really have their voices heard. It's difficult to know who to talk to if you have a wonderful idea or a large concern, and that is exactly where Education Student Council comes into play.

"I have been given a lot of opportunities within the college because of Education Student Council, and it has really allowed me to develop my time management skills, along with my leadership skills. If someone were looking to get involved in the College of Education, I would say Education Student Council is a great way to do so!"

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Last Updated November 18, 2010