Professor publishes book on government in Sudan

Randall Fegley, associate professor of history at Penn State Berks, recently released a book titled "Beyond Khartoum, A History of Subnational Government in Sudan," published by The Red Sea Press. There will be a book signing for noon to 2 p.m. Monday, Nov. 15, at the campus bookstore. The bookstore also will have Fegley's other books, "The Golden Spurs of Kortrijk" and "Coming to Terms with the Muslim World," available for sale.
According to the publisher's website, "Beyond Khartoum, A History of Subnational Government in Sudan" is “Useful to both scholars and policymakers, Beyond Khartoum is a history of subnational government in Sudan from early times through 2010. Despite domination by its Northern Arabic-speaking elite, Sudan has a long and varied history of governmental organization at subnational levels, compared with most African and Middle Eastern states. In a highly charged atmosphere of regional pressures, economic disparities, and ethnic and religious difficulties, significant demands for subnational recognition and participation have often challenged the centralized uniformity of numerous regimes, both authoritarian and democratic. This work describes the contexts and structural features of Sudan’s past systems and presents comparisons with other African systems, current options and future alternatives.”
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Last Updated January 09, 2015