Hughes co-authors book on teaching at-risk students

Charles A. Hughes, Penn State professor of special education, and Anita L. Archer, a nationally recognized educational consultant, are co-authors of a new book titled "Explicit Instruction: Effective and Efficient Teaching." The book includes sample lesson plans, lively examples, and reproducible checklists and teacher worksheets.

“Our purpose for this book is to provide a useful resource to teachers tasked with helping all students in their classrooms learn, including those who are struggling,” said Hughes.

“Explicit Instruction has a strong research-base that has accumulated during the last 40 years and is supported by studies from both general and special education as well as the fields of psychology and educational psychology," he said. "I like to characterize this instructional approach as providing appropriate supports, guidance, and scaffolds for students as they learn new academic skills, strategies and concepts.”

The book is part of a book series titled “What Works for Special-Needs Learners,” edited by Karen R. Harris and Steve Graham. The series addresses a significant need in the education of students who are at risk, those with disabilities, and those who struggle with learning or behavior.

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Last Updated July 28, 2017