Penn State Hazleton housekeeper wins University-wide award

Penn State Hazleton's Sandy Wagner is no stranger to winning awards. She has been recognized for her hard work and dedication several times during her career at Penn State Hazleton, and at a year-ending ceremony in November, she was given another award honoring her commitment to students.

Wagner was given the inaugural Gail A. Hurley Student-Centered Award at the 2010 Housing and Food Services Rewards and Recognition Ceremony in Beaver Stadium. As a housekeeper in the campus's South Halls, Wagner knows her job isn't glamorous. She said the students keep her energetic and she enjoys making their residence hall feel like home. It's that passion for her job that gets people in the University community noticing.

"Sandy has a unique way of being able to relate to the students and make each one of them feel very important," Jonathan Kukta, director of Housing and Food Services at Penn State Hazleton said. "She talks to them on a level that makes them feel comfortable and respected.  She is a tremendous person, who really touches everyone she meets."

The Gail A. Hurley Student Centered Award recognizes an individual who consistently demonstrates a commitment to students by keeping their needs and interests at the heart of all he or she does. Penn State takes student centeredness very seriously and Wagner's extra efforts exemplify that mission.

"Before I started working here, I remember worrying about working with young people," Wager said. "I had heard about the next generation, the 'me' generation. But when I started, it change my way of thinking. The students are all very nice, mannerly and respectful."

In 2009, Wagner won the Penn State Commission for Women, Achieving Woman Award. At the awards ceremony she told the audience, "Penn State's motto is to make life better. Mine is that Penn State Hazleton students make my life better."

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Last Updated January 09, 2015