Hazleton Council of Directors steps behind the line for finals week

HAZLETON, Pa. -- For the past four years, Penn State Hazleton Chancellor Gary Lawler, along with his council of directors, has been cooking up something special for students to kick off finals week. On the Monday of that week, the council takes over the Hazleton kitchen and serves lunch for the many tireless test-takers.

The council includes the chancellor, his assistant Tony Williams, the Student Government President Zena Lewoc, Faculty Senate President Maureen Gaffney, and the directors of Business Services Tom Butchko, Continuing Education Sally McGuire, Admissions Joan Williams, Student Affairs and Engagement Dwayne Hilton, Housing and Food Services Jonathan Kukta, Development and University Relations Kevin Salaway, Information Technology Christine Mencer, and Finance/Bursar Marsha Bell.

"The opportunity to serve a meal to our students allows the members of our Campus Council and myself to interact and support our favorite people on campus -- the students," Lawler said. "It is a great example of our student-centered approach at Penn State Hazleton."

The lunch is served in Hazleton's HighAcres Cafe during fall and spring finals. The tradition has become a hit with students who get to put names to faces and interact with administrators in a more casual setting.

"I am not sure who enjoys it more, the students who get to see the chancellor make a quesadilla or the council members who get to live out their dreams of being a culinary chef," Kukta said. "It's such a fun time for the campus community and I am so thankful for my fellow council members willingness to participate, and for my HFS staff who are great teachers and coaches on the day of the event."

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Last Updated March 21, 2011