Architect appointed for water treatment plant expansion

University Park, Pa. — Penn State supplies more than 1 billion gallons of drinking water annually to about 57,000 people on the University Park campus. To upgrade both the capacity and quality of Penn State's Water Treatment System while continuing to meet all standards for water quality, the University will expand and upgrade its treatment and filtration technologies.

Penn State's Board of Trustees on Friday (Jan. 21) approved the appointment of Buchart Horn Inc. of York, Pa., as architect for the plant project, with construction expected to take place from June 2012 to June 2014.

"In order to continue to provide a dependable, consistent and high-quality water supply into the future, a water treatment plant upgrade and expansion is necessary," said Al Horvath, senior vice president for finance and business.

The expansion and upgrade of the treatment plant will include state-of-the-art filter and treatment technologies. Cost of the upgrade is estimated at $30 million.

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Last Updated January 21, 2011