Libraries toolkit helps with NSF data requirements

Recently the National Science Foundation (NSF) mandated that data management plans be submitted with all grant proposals. To assist with this requirement, Penn State University Libraries are offering consultation services and have created a Research Data Management Toolkit located at to help teaching and research faculty to satisfy this requirement. The toolkit includes data planning or questions to ask about data; data management such as describing data, storage, and sustainability; and data sharing, making data available and accessible.

NSF states, "Research data often take physical and digital formats: numerical datasets, observational information, maps, texts, images, and time-dependent media and others. Data are any and all complex data entities from observations, experiments, simulations, models, and higher order assemblies, along with the associated documentation needed to describe and interpret the data.”

As the Libraries research data management team works with faculty and others, additional items will be added and the site will evolve and gain additional links.

For more information, contact Patricia Hswe, digital collections curator, scholarly communications and the Office of Digital Scholarly Publishing, Penn State University Libraries, at 814-867-3702.

Last Updated February 24, 2011