Unregistered bicycles to be tagged, removed starting April 25

University Park, Pa -- Thousands of Penn Staters pedal their way to, from and through campus every day. Unfortunately, not all of the bikes are registered. Bicyclists must register or renew their bicycles with the Parking Office immediately.

Starting April 25, officials from Penn State Transportation Services will begin tagging unregistered bikes on campus. If the owner of a tagged bicycle doesn't contact Transportation Services within 72 hours, the bike will be taken and held for 90 days. After 90 days, the bikes will be released for sale at Lion Surplus. Bikes chained to objects other than bike racks, such as railings, stairways and fences, will be detained immediately. Transportation Services is not responsible for reimbursing any bicycle owner for cut locks or chains after removing a bicycle.

Students, faculty, staff and local residents can register their bicycles by stopping into the parking office at the Eisenhower Parking Deck. Registration is easy and free. To register online, visit http://bit.ly/hLIFFL.

Bicyclists need the proper information to complete registration, including the bike's manufacturer, model, serial number and color.

For more information, contact Parking Manager Jean Harris at 814-863-7021.

Last Updated April 12, 2011