WPSU program with engineers discussing Japan nuclear crisis now online

A recent WPSU-TV television program featuring two Penn State engineers among a panel of experts discussing the Japanese nuclear crisis and future of nuclear energy is now available to view online.

The program, "Nuclear Energy: Lessons From Japan," is available at /video/159111/2013/02/09/video-no-title online. The show originally aired on March 24.

Arthur Motta, chair of nuclear engineering, and James Freihaut, associate professor of architectural engineering, are among the panel of Penn State experts. The program also features Charles Ammon, professor of geosciences, and Yumiko Watanabe, an astrobiologist and research associate in geosciences and survivor of the March 11 earthquake and tsunami.

The show invited viewers to call in with their questions about the meltdown and the implications for energy policy.

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Last Updated April 05, 2011