Heard on Campus: Holly Zanville

"At Lumina Foundation, we call adult learners 21st century students. Our goal -- what we call the Big Goal -- is by the year 2025 we want 60 percent of Americans to hold high-quality degrees and credentials. More than 37 million Americans have some college, but no degree. In the area of adult degree completion, there are many promising practices under way and many more on the drawing board. The higher education infrastructure is being redefined to accommodate adult learners. This is the coming of age for adult learners in higher education. They are a critical population among 21st century students."

— Holly Zanville, program director at Lumina Foundation, speaking May 16 at the Hendrick Best Practices for Adult Learners Conference at The Penn Stater Conference Center Hotel. In her keynote address, she shared perspectives on emerging challenges and solutions in the adult degree completion population. This year's conference, sponsored by the Penn State Commission for Adult Learners, featured presentations by University faculty and staff on a wide range of topics related to adult learners at Penn State.

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Last Updated May 19, 2011