Lunchtime series on academic advising to begin Sept. 2

Every semester the Division of Undergraduate Studies holds lunchtime presentations for the Penn State community featuring academic advising topics. These lunch-and-learn sessions take place on the University Park campus and provide opportunities for professional development, networking and advising discussions. The sessions will be held from noon to 1 p.m. in room 110 of the Henderson Building, on Sept. 2, Oct. 10 and Nov. 9. All interested faculty and staff members are welcome to attend and may bring lunch to eat during the presentations.

-- “GQ News: MATH 2011-2012” will be held on Friday, Sept. 2. James Sellers, director of undergraduate studies in the Department of Mathematics, will provide the latest on courses, instructional techniques, advising recommendations and resources for students.

-- “Credit Overload: Policy, Advising Issues and Best Practices” will be offered on Monday, Oct. 10. Melissa Kunes, senior director in the Office of Student Aid; Karen Schultz, University registrar; and Eric White, executive director of the Division of Undergraduate Studies will facilitate a discussion about credit overloads: What is the University policy? What do the data tell us about success? What should advisers be saying about financial aid? What is an adviser’s role and responsibility? What information should an adviser provide to help a student decide whether to schedule an overload?

-- “Student and Family Services: An Advising Resource” will be offered Wednesday, Nov. 9. Student and Family Services provides assistance for students who are in difficult situations. Who do they serve? What do they do? When do they do it? Joe Puzycki, assistant vice president for Student Affairs, and JoAnna Thomas, administrative assistant in Student and Family Services will provide the answers and discuss ways that their office provides support for students, faculty and advisers.

For further details about the seminars, contact Laura Brown at 814-865-7576 or


Last Updated January 09, 2015