Heard on Campus: Alton Brown

"I looked at my unique capabilities and my skill-set and I chose to mutate, to evolve, I was the fish that crawled out of the mud. Life and work isn't about being able to pick a path, it's about being able to consciously choose the right turn and the right on-and off-ramp for you."

-- Alton Brown, Food Network star and host of “Good Eats” and “Iron Chef America,” on his career decision to step out from behind the camera as a cinematographer to become a Food Network star. He advised students to stop worrying about choosing the best career but instead to be patient and focus on making the correct decisions in life when they arrive. Brown spoke in Eisenhower Auditorium last night (Wednesday, Sept. 28) and was the first lecturer for the 2011-12 Distinguished Speaker Series held by the Student Programming Association.




Last Updated April 19, 2017